Santa Sabina Retreat

Sifu Fong Ha is pleased to announce his 12th Annual 2018 Retreat (Jan 5th – Friday to Jan 9th – Tuesday) at the lovely Santa Sabina Retreat Center at the Dominican College in San Rafeal. Santa Sabina Retreat Center is located at 25 Magnolia in San Rafeal CA.  At this retreat, Sifu will provide instructions and practice on Tai Chi, Yiquan and Qigong.  You will learn techniques to cultivate Qi, manifest and utilize Qi. This Retreat is reserved by invitation only and closed to the public. 

Our Santa Sabina Retreat (Jan 5th to Jan 9th) offers 5 options for your attendance:

(a)  Full Retreat with Single Occupancy ($1110 with all meals included)

(b)  Full Retreat with Double Occupancy ($960 with all meals included)

(c)  Full Retreat with No Occupancy/Lodging  ($660 with all meals included)

(d) Weekend with NO Occupancy/Lodging ($360 with all meals included)

(e) 1 Day Retreat NO Occupancy/Lodging ($180 with all meals included)



All attendees must register online at  Please complete the registration form below and note there are required fields to complete your registration.  Below the information for processing your payment.  Walk-ins without registration is not allowed.



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Payment Method with Check via Land Mail 

  1. Mail a check payable to Fong Ha and include your Retreat Option.

Sifu Fong Ha’s Mailing address:


P.O. BOX 8364


Payment Methid by cash in person, do not send through Land Mail 

Please give the cash direct to Sifu and let him know which day(s) you will be attending.