Tai Chi Improves Diabetes Control

According to two small studies published in the British Journal of Sports Medicine in April 2008, Tai Chi exercises can improve blood glucose levels and improve the control of type 2 diabetes and immune system response.

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Tai chi: A gentle way to fight stress

Mayo Clinic article on Tai chi helps reduce stress and anxiety. And it also helps increase flexibility and balance. Also contain good introductory description on what is Tai Chi and who can perform Tai Chi.

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Tai Chi for Arthritis Relief

The movements of tai chi are gentle, graceful, mystical -- and a safe way to relieve arthritis pain and gain balance, strength, and flexibility. Tai chi is one of many alternative therapies that can provide relief from pain, possibly letting you cut back on pain medications.

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Yang Sau Chung

Sifu Fong Ha began his Internal Martial Arts journey with his studies of Yang Family Tai Chi Chuan with Yang Sau Chung in Hong Kong. Yang Sau Chung was the eldest son of Yang Cheng Fu. In this rare video clip, Yang Sau Chung performs his Yang Family style Tai Chi Chuan set, Tai Chi Push Hands and fajin techniques.