Tai Chi and Health Benefits

Tai chi is often described as "meditation in motion," but it might well be called "medication in motion." There is growing evidence that this mind-body practice, which originated in China as a martial art, has value in treating or preventing many health problems. And you can get started even if you aren't in top shape or the best of health.

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Live a Healthier Life with Tai Chi

This article provides a nice overview and reference links on the following topics:

- The history and background of Tai Chi
- The health benefits of practicing Tai Chi
- Tai Chi and your emotional well-being
- How to get started with Tai Chi

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Sifu Fong Ha's Yiquan (The Art of Do Nothing and Achieve Everything)

Yiquan, especially that of Fong Ha, is more than a martial art. The founder of Yiquan, Master Wang Xiang Zhai said: “what cannot lead to comfort, happiness, and gaining strength does not deserve to be called martial art.” This about sums it up. Most martial arts focus on learning techniques and ways of dealing with particular situations. There is nothing wrong with this other than the time you spend doing all of that would be much better spent cultivating your own innate power and ability. Yiquan is the pursuit of not only great martial prowess, but also a good life. Don’t get me wrong. I know as well as anyone that most arts address this idea. The difference between Yiquan and other arts is that this is the main focus, rather than a side note.

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Yang Sau Chung

Sifu Fong Ha began his Internal Martial Arts journey with his studies of Yang Family Tai Chi Chuan with Yang Sau Chung in Hong Kong. Yang Sau Chung was the eldest son of Yang Cheng Fu. In this rare video clip, Yang Sau Chung performs his Yang Family style Tai Chi Chuan set, Tai Chi Push Hands and fajin techniques.